Dr. Yousefian’s opinion about the best comfortable retainer is a “no retainer” strategy. Contrary to the cosmetic orthodontists who require the patients to wear their retainers forever, Dr. Yousefian asks our patients, who ideally completed their treatment protocol and regardless of the type of braces they wore, to wear retainers for one year at bedtime then discontinue.

At our practice, we believe that regardless of age, when the patient’s teeth and jaws are functionally and esthetically corrected, the treatment is considered properly completed. This means that all the harmful oral habits, including obstructive sleep apnea, are fully improved, and all teeth are properly positioned in harmony with jaw movements and morphologically rehabilitated for ideal and efficient transfer of the bite forces. After treatment is complete, the patient is then instructed to wear the patented removable retainers called Full Arch Spring Retainers, or FAS Retainers™, which are designed by Dr. Yousefian. Patients are to wear the FAS Retainers just at bedtime for one year and then gradually discontinue their use. This is a revolutionary approach that our patients, who have completed the functional correction of jaws, teeth, and airway, experience everyday with no risk of relapse.