Forget the CPAP: Learn About Our Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

A proper night’s sleep is essential to your health. And it’s not just how many hours you get; it’s about the quality. If you're not getting good sleep, your body can’t regenerate like it's designed to.

Nighttime is when your cells repair and multiply. Your blood pressure and heart rate decrease, your brain rejuvenates, and your metabolism resets. That's why sleep is so important. Without it, you can't function effectively.

Obstructive sleep apnea wreaks havoc by blocking your airway, which means your brain and vital organs don't get enough oxygen. The condition generally causes snoring, dry mouth, sleepiness, and headaches. Sometimes it can lead to serious health issues like depression, weight gain, heart disease, stress, and even cancer.

In the past, sleep apnea was treated with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure machine). This machine forces air into your mouth through a bulky mask and tube. Although it's effective, the mask and tube can be an inconvenience.

Dr. Joseph Yousefian of Yousefian Orthodontics in Bellevue, Washington, pioneered a revolutionary new treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. It’s called teledontics. Not only does it manage the condition, but it can also prevent and even help cure sleep apnea.

The groundbreaking teledontics approach

Dr. Yousefian believes in the benefits of traditional orthodonture. But he also knows that conventional methods, like extractions and retractions, can cause unforeseen problems. Teledontics takes a holistic approach to orthodontics by considering how your mouth, teeth, and jaw impact your ability to breathe. This groundbreaking approach adjusts those parts of your anatomy so they work together.

Teledontics can prevent sleep apnea

Dr. Yousefian says the best time to get started with teledontics is in early childhood. Some of his patients begin seeing him at age two when their mouths are still forming. During this early stage, Dr. Yousefian can better influence facial growth and prevent deformities.

With teledontics — expansion is key

Whether you have a child with prospective orthodonture problems or you’re an adult dealing with ineffective past treatments, teledontics can help.

When a patient comes in with overcrowded teeth, an orthodontist may pull a few to make space. But that actually has an adverse effect. It can cause future problems when the remaining teeth retract and end up reducing the space in your mouth. Your tongue is too big for the cramped space and tends to block your airway when you sleep. This causes obstructive sleep apnea.

In children, this safe, nonsurgical treatment ensures proper facial structure growth, nasal cavity capacity, and lower jaw development. In adults, teledontics, expands your upper arches, lower jaw, and nasal cavity to bring you permanent relief. No nighttime equipment required!

Teledontics is a clinically proven new technique that solves crooked teeth and sleep apnea. It's also a holistic approach to wellness and quality of life. With a 91% success rate, you owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation with the pioneer of teledontics, Dr. Yousefian.

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