The Benefits of Teledontics: Supporting Your Upper Airway

The Benefits of Teledontics: Supporting Your Upper Airway

Teledontics is a little-known revolution for the dental industry. It can shape your mouth as you sleep, which can in the process also change the way that you breathe. It can eliminate problems including snoring and help you to breathe better while you’re awake, too.

Teledontics can even change the appearance of your face for the better. What’s more, you can start it at a very young age if the orthodontist recognizes potential issues that will develop due to the shape of your mouth. In this blog, Dr. Joseph Z. Yousefian of Yousefian Orthodontics for Children, Teens and Adults in Bellevue, Washington, explains more about the benefits of teledontics.

What is teledontics?

Teledontics is an entirely new field closely related to orthodontics. It corrects many of the same problems as orthodontics but also works to harmonize mind-body health. 

The orthodontist gently moves the jaw to promote proper development of the upper airway, which has significant effects on your bite, your facial structure, and your ability to get a good night’s rest. As we know, so much of our health hinges upon whether or not we get proper sleep. A lack of adequate sleep affects your daytime cognitive function, your performance at work, your moods, and even your immune system.

How teledontics works

Teledontics works best when it’s used on young children, whose mouth structures are still developing. However, we can also use it on adults.

With teledontics, we work to optimize the development of the facial structures, including the following:

By bringing the facial structures into proper alignment, the goal of teledontics is to support correct breathing while you’re awake and while you’re asleep. 

A cure for sleep apnea

Teledontics supports the upper airways by expanding the dental arches, nasal cavities, and lower jaw. Because it supports the upper airways — which tend to collapse in people with sleep apnea — it is an extremely effective treatment for sleep apnea.

Unlike other treatment methods, which are only aimed at relieving the symptoms, teledontics actually cures sleep apnea. It boasts a 92 percent effectiveness rate in curing adults with sleep apnea.

If you have sleep apnea or if your child is observed to have deformities of the mouth, teledontics may be the right solution to prevent future problems. Call Dr. Joseph Z. Yousefian of Yousefian Orthodontics for Children, Teens and Adults or request an appointment online.

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