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We know that choosing an orthodontist is a very personal decision. There are many orthodontic offices and treatment options available to you. We feel privileged you are considering our office for your family’s or your own orthodontic care. Here are just a few details about our office that describes what sets us apart from other orthodontic practices:

  • Dr. Yousefian is a Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist.While many dental professionals provide cosmetic orthodontic care, Dr. Yousefian has obtained specialty training and limits his practice to orthodontic care. Therefore, Dr. Yousefian focuses 100% of his energy on staying at the leading edge of orthodontic treatment as a practitioner and contributor.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology. The vast majority of orthodontic specialists are capable of providing cosmetic orthodontic care. Dr. Yousefian sets himself apart through extensive continuing education, not only in the orthodontic and dental fields but also in the medical field, to provide a wider variety of contemporary orthodontic options with a holistic and total wellness focus. He has developed and patented numerous techniques and orthodontic appliances which, by replacing old-fashion treatment strategies like extraction and use of headgear, not only make orthodontic treatment faster and more pleasant, but also improves the quality of health and is a life-enhancing experience. These technologically advanced procedures that improve the PharyngOroFacial abnormalities, which contribute to the airway complications, can prevent and eradicate the obstructive sleep apnea, a leading cause of auto accidents, high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks later in life. Dr. Yousefian’s cutting-edge invisible orthodontic techniques can make your treatment easier and more efficient to meet your esthetic needs and desires.
  • Superior Customer Service. Because orthodontics is generally a process that can take as long as several months to several years, Dr. Yousefian realizes that providing a high level of customer service is extremely important. While everyone pays lip service to customer service, you’ll quickly realize that we actually mean it! When you call our office for the first time, after spending a few moments on the phone with our receptionist, we are certain you’ll agree that we are committed to providing a superior customer service experience.
  • Recently Renovated Office. Dr. Yousefian is committed to the perpetual upgrading of the office design and orthodontic equipment, to provide a comfortable yet leading edge facility, in order to provide our patients with the highest level of care possible.
  • One Orthodontist – One Office Location. We have one office location and one orthodontist. You can count on Dr. Yousefian to treat you and give you his personal attention at every appointment!
  • Retention System. Retention is an ugly word in orthodontics. It usually indicates the little secret that teeth will crowd up again and again after your braces are removed, thus focusing only on the cosmetic results. Cosmetically-oriented orthodontists sometimes provide up to four retainers (two sets).The first set is glued to the back surfaces of the front teeth to prevent shifting of the front teeth. Since these retainers are glued in, they cannot be removed, so the teeth will stay straight. However, these retainers are very hard to clean and hazardous to the health of teeth and gums if they are not flossed or cleaned regularly by the patient! The second set of retainers is removable and worn throughout your lifetime to keep the back molars from moving.
  • Dr. Yousefian’s opinion about the best comfortable retainer is a “no retainer” strategy. Contrary to the cosmetic approach, when the airway is properly treated, teeth and jaws are functionally corrected and in harmony with jaw movements, the removable retainers, designed and patented by Dr. Yousefian, are worn just at bedtime for one year and then discontinued. This is a revolutionary approach, and our patients who have completed the functional correction of jaws and teeth experience this approach every day with no risk of relapse.
  • Meticulous Sterilization. Our patients are not just members of the community. Many of our patients are our friends, relatives, staff members, members of our immediate family and referring doctors and their family or staff members. You can be assured that we follow all OSHA guidelines and use the highest, state-of-the-art sterilization techniques.
  • Enhanced Web Services. Through our Web services, our patients have the option of receiving e-mail appointment reminders, checking their appointment times on-line and reviewing their account information. This Web service is available 24/7 and is a convenient way for our patients to stay connected to our office from their homes!
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