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I have done a consultation with Dr Yousefian, visiting from out of town, doing two days back to back.
My experience with Dr Yousefian in these two days has been more than I could ask. I wish every doctor would care as much as Dr Yousefian for his patients! I really appreciated him spending time with me, going over and explaining anything possibly related to my condition. Furthermore, Dr Yousefian's personality is solar and friendly, really making him one of a kind. I wish him the very best for everything.
The staff is also very friendly, making sure that everything run smoothly.
“Wow! I've never been this amazed at the quality care we have received anywhere. I really didn't want to make the drive here at first, but I'm so glad I did. It has been completely worth it and we finally got so many answers to things we couldn't get anywhere else about health issues for our son that go beyond just teeth. I highly recommend going here to find answers to not only teeth issues, but breathing, sleep, allergies, cognitive, and growing issues. The human body should be looked at as a whole, not pieces and you really get the full picture with Dr. Yousefian.”
"We have had the absolute best thorough care here. Answers to so many questions of struggles my son has dealt with his whole life. Other doctors and specialists don't look at the body as a whole and that lead to misdiagnoses, unnecessary surgeries and medicines for my child that were never really helpful. Dr. Yousefian really cares about his patients and is so knowledgeable that we finally understand my son's symptoms and have a great plan of action to take care of him. I'm so excited to see how this will improve his life and health. Everyone in this office is so nice and helpful, I couldn't be more pleased."
“Knowledge and friendly staff go the extra mile. Dr Yousefian very passionate about his work highly recommend.”
“Wonderful staff and Dr. Yousefian is very easy to talk to and is extremely good at what he does! He cares about my overall health and he is helping me with my jaw pain and my future health.”
"Drove from out of town to see Dr. Yousefian. He met with my husband who is considering advanced multi disciplinary care. We have been very happy with Dr. Yousefian and his wonderful , accommodating staff. Would highly recommend."
“Doctor Yousefian and his team are excellent.”
“As always.. very professional and engaging.”
“Always friendly, courteous and on time with all appointments.”
“Dr. Yousefian and his staff are excellent at working with those of us with Sleep Apnea. The office has a very friendly atmosphere. Sincerely, Deb Riley.”
“An amazing medical professional with uncanny insight into his specialty. Dr. Yousefian is also an incredible person who cares about their patients and their outcomes.”
“By far the most complete and thorough doctor I’ve seen!”
“Everyone is very personable and professional.”
“Dr. Yousefian and his staff are the best. I came to him with chronic jaw pain from TMD and a terrible bite. I didn’t think that in my 60’s I’d ever get better. Yet today I am completely pain-free, my teeth all work together and I’m told I have a beautiful smile.”
“Really like the doctor and staff.”
“Very personalized medicine. Just like family. Very competent ! Love Jasmine and Kris!!”
“Dr. Y is east to talk to, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about jaw pain. We look forward to working with him as he helps our daughter.”
“Amazing, caring and knowledgeable staff.”
“Dr. Yousefian is one the best in the business. Professional staff and excellent service!”
“Always nice to chat with Dr. Yousefain.”
“The staff is always so friendly and caring, I was impressed from day one!”
“Dr Yosefian is very knowlegible in his work and very thoughtful of patients and his staffs are also very friendly and treat people well. The treatments are always on time and ovrtall satisfied very much.”