At Yousefian Orthodontics, we are not just an orthodontic office that straightens teeth:

We deliver functional results that not only look amazing but improve your oral and overall health. You’ll finish treatment as an entirely new person: healthier, happier, and with a smile that ensures your one-of-a-kind personality shines!

Straightening Teeth to Improve Health and Smiles, One Person at a Time!

For more than 30 years, people from around the world have traveled to the Bellevue, Washington practice of Dr. Joseph Z. Yousefian. A nationally- and internationally-renowned expert in the treatment of pediatric and adult sleep apnea and TMJ-therapy, as well as orthodontics, Dr. Yousefian provides unique care and proven results.

You Are the Priority

Dr. Yousefian and the Yousefian Orthodontics team are committed to personalized care, finding solutions that work for their patients. Many patients have seen various other providers and are still dealing with unresolved complex issues.

In spending a significant amount of time learning about their patient – physical and dental health history, current concerns, and treatment hopes – helps Dr. Yousefian understand the root of their problems.

Dr. Yousefian is known for creating complex, highly-detailed, and lengthy consultation reports. These serve as a guideline for creating the individual’s treatment plan.

Proven Expertise

Dr. Yousefian is Board-Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics and American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. This dual-certification, along with his ongoing research, teaching, and consulting, set him apart. Travelling nationally and internationally, he is a sought-after invited speaker, lecturing to universities, dental and medical societies, and study clubs. Additionally, he has published numerous articles in scientific journals and textbooks.

Beyond Aesthetics

Acknowledging that many people seek orthodontic treatment from a desire to change the appearance of their teeth, Dr. Yousefian creates life-changing smiles. Simultaneously, he focuses on individual’s oral and physical health.

Throughout his career, Dr. Yousefian has specialized in treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and TMJ-TMD in adults and children. He is acclaimed for developing the leading-edge prevention, diagnostic, and treatment methods called Teledontics. Teledontics is taught to medical and dental professionals around the world, transforming the lives of generations of patients.

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Whether you are considering orthodontic care to change your smile, suffer from TMJ, or struggle with sleep apnea, Dr. Yousefian can help. You deserve all the best in life: health, happiness, and a one-of-a-kind smile that brims with confidence!

The first step toward that life is an in-depth appointment with Dr. Yousefian at his Bellevue, WA office. Serving patients from around the PNW, and beyond, he and the Yousefian Orthodontics team are ready to serve you; schedule an appointment, today!